Our final warmup exercise features a technique called Hybrid Picking. We’ll fully dive into this style later, but its basic form is very useful as a warmup exercise. This along with Warmup Exercise #3 will develop your strumming hand so that it can fully accommodate anything you want to play with your fretting hand.
There is soooo much you can do with this once you get comfortable with this! Start putting it into your warmup routine and you’ll thank yourself a thousand times over.

Our second warmup exercise for guitar: a “trill” exercise. In music, a trill is played by going back and forth between two notes, usually in rapid succession. In this exercise, we practice playing trills with every finger in the left hand. Ultimately, this exercise isn’t really about trills. It’s about hand and finger development.
It’s remarkable how much this single exercise does for your fretting hand. Add this to your practice routine and just watch the results!

Now we begin learning essential warmup exercises for guitar. There are only 4 main warmup exercises that you need to regularly practice. In this video we look at the first.