Here’s a great application of our 16th-note rhythm pattern, and it also gives us a chance to work on our key of E chords. One additional challenge here is the concept of changing chords between beats rather than right on the beat – a very common practice that you’ll hear over and over again in every genre of music.

In this lesson we discuss another way to play the common chords in the key of E. These are wonderful, common variations of the E chords that you will love to learn and play!

We now show how to play the B and C#m chords, both common chords, and both are found in the popular key of E.

We’re now into our second main key, the key of E. In this lesson, we show how to play the E and A chords. Remember that all of these chords we’re learning are some of the most common chords on the guitar. You’ll never outgrow them, never tire of them, never exhaust their application. Learn them well and they’ll reward you as long as play guitar.